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Discover if you qualify for a grant
from The Safeway Foundation.

Our Grant Guidelines

  • The Safeway Foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose mission is aligned with our four priority areas:
    • Hunger Relief
    • Education
    • Health and Human Services
    • Assisting People with Disabilities
  • The Safeway Foundation works with existing and new partners that we proactively seek out and identify as collaborators to achieve our mission and goals.
  • Grants made in a limited geography will be considered by the local PA director. Amounts vary vastly by region, so please view the instructions on our grant application form and consider carefully before submitting your application.
  • Grant amounts vary for organizations that are national in scope, but a first-time funded organization will typically receive a grant of $10,000 to $25,000. Once we have some history with an organization, we will entertain a request at a higher value.
  • All organizations funded by The Safeway Foundation must serve the community where we operate stores.
  • Nonprofit organizations must be able to prove their nonprofit status. We research the organizations through a combination of site visits, GuideStar, other similar search sites and by reviewing the organization's financial documents. We apply due diligence to ensure that we abide by the guidelines of the Patriot Act.
  • Typically, organizations cannot receive a grant more than once a year.¬†All organizations will be requested to share a report on the funds used 6 months after receiving the grant.

Though we'd love to help everyone,
The Safeway Foundation generally does not fund:

  • Individuals or for-profit organizations
  • Political organizations or activities
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Capital or building campaigns
  • Advocacy programs
  • Meetings, conferences or workshops
  • Sports teams or athletic competitions
  • Other foundations or granting organizations
  • Fundraising dinners, galas and events. We generally do not sponsor these events because the sponsorship is not fully deductible and because we prefer that our funds go directly to program services rather than offsetting event expenses.

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