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Let's get into the details of our
grant-making process together.

To apply for a grant, you must fill out an online application. For grant requests that are national or multi-regional in scope, we review requests on a quarterly basis. Local grants are reviewed biannually. After the close of each application process, it typically takes us about 8 weeks to respond.

We have three funding streams: local community funds, requests brought forth by corporate employees, and national funds. An employee sponsor is an employee of a Safeway (Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Randalls, or Carrs) or Albertsons store that is willing to vouch for the work of your organization. On the online application, you will be asked if you have a sponsor and then offered the opportunity to provide their name. We will contact that employee to learn more about your work before the application is considered by a committee of their peers. Typically, an employee sponsor is a volunteer, board member or someone helped by your organization. If you cannot identify an employee in your ranks, we recommend you speak to your local store manager to see if they would be willing to sponsor. The online system triages the requests and sends them to the appropriate parties. Please see below for more details about each type of request.

Requests localized in a single city or state

  • General Guidelines: We like to fund projects that have a positive impact in our communities and fulfill one or more of our funding priorities. Requests to support events and requests for food donations are also considered in this subset.
  • Who reviews your request: The local Public Affairs Director considers local community funds.
  • Typical Grant request amount: Varies—but are typically between $2,500 and $10,000.
    • In DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, the grant amounts vary between $1,000 - $5,000
  • Please note: All California, Nevada and Hawaii requests must be sponsored by an employee. Requests without a sponsor will not be considered.
  • Solicitation policy: Guidelines for Charitable or Political Activity Requests for Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Requests supported by a Corporate Employee

  • General Guidelines: Grant requests in this area are typically localized to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Who reviews your request: All requests are reviewed by our Employee Giving Committee, which meets every quarter.
  • Typical Grant request amount: $2,500-$10,000

Requests that are National or Regional in Scope

  • General Guidelines: We like to fund projects and do not supply overhead or operating support. We prefer to see The Foundation's money directly invested in the community. Grant requests are evaluated based on the organization's efficiency, if the program fits with our funding priorities, and if the effects directly impact the community.
  • Who reviews your request: The Safeway Foundation's Headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif. supports national requests.
  • Typical Grant request amount: It varies. If the organization is new to The Safeway Foundation, we recommend no more than a $25,000 request. Organizations that have developed a relationship with us may make larger requests.
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